“Watching you, Watch me”  is an improvisational, site – sensitive durational performance piece designed specifically for the historic and unique location Fort Knox. This performance is historically informed body installation project where a body appears in a unique location at the Fort in every 5 minutes to inform and observe their audience. The audience is expected to create, collaborate, interact and choreograph their movement while they are watching the performers body and experiencing the space.  

Born in 1991, Ali Asgar is a Bangladeshi artist who focuses primarily on body and space as a main element of their practice. Ali’s work surrounding gender, sexuality, and social taboos often reflects upon their personal struggle with the conservative Bangladeshi attitude towards members of LGBTQ communities. Asgar uses their own body and self-imagery as a rudimentary element to walk the line between reality and the artifice of self-analysis. Ali’s artwork is reflective to their past & present experiences in a very different social, cultural, political, and educational environment. They are currently in the US as an Artist Protection Fund Fellow in residence at the University of Maine, continuing politically inspired projects that emphasize trauma, dislocation, isolation, body politics and queer identity. With a BFA in Printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Dhaka, Ali has participated in major group exhibitions including the Dhaka Art Summit in 2016 and 2014, the Kolkata International Performance Festival in 2016, the Dhaka Social Art Festival in 2014, SEA Juried Art Show (Lislie) in Chicago in 2014, 15 Asian Art Biennale in 2013 among many others. Ali recently completed a solo performance project entitled Shameless at the Edward M. Kennedy Center (EMK) this past year (2016) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.